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Born 1972 Pocatello, Idaho, USA Raised in Arizona, USA Resides in Berlin, Germany Education 1995 Fine Art Study, Arizona State University 1997 Art History Study, Florence, Italy 1998 Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany 1999 B.F.A. Arizona State University
Paintings found in private collections all across the U.S.A. as well as Russia, England, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Greece, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Kazachstan.
My work reflects an inner fantastical world, often absurd and capricious, which stems from a lifelong fascination with the surreal. My inspiration is fueled by dreams and the idea of in-between realms where my reveries become a reality. I strive to liberate my imagination when creating my imagery and to simply allow the unconscious to express itself fully.  As a self-taught painter I continually explore new ways to develop my technique as well as deepen my emotional expression. There are no rules as to what to feel or how to react to my work.  My art comes without instructions. I merely attempt to translate a personal vision into an outer reality.
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